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Function and Beauty combined. Still feels like Steam.

Pressure is a blend of beauty and function. Every part of Steam has been carefully considered and reworked to create the most fluid and wonderful experience possible. I have spent the past year and a half carving away at Steam to ensure that everything is where it should be, that every action is as logical and as expected as it can be. Gone are the dull and outdated color choices. Gone is the oddly spaced and positioned elements. Here is Steam as it should be... and yet it still feels like Steam.

Installation Instructions

Installing Pressure shouldn't take longer than a minute or two and will be trouble-free by following this guide.


Please carefully follow these instructions. If a step is missed it could result in a sub-optimal experience using Pressure.

1) Download the latest copy of Pressure

Download Now

2) Extract the ZIP and move the folder to:

Windows: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/skins

Mac: right-click and choose show package contents then /Contents/MacOS/skins

Linux: ~/.local/share/Steam/skins/

3) Open the folder font - INSTALL THESE FIRST and install the fonts:

Windows: Right-Click the font files and choose Install

Mac: Double-Click each font and then click Install

Linux: Manually install the font by copying it to either /usr/share/fonts or ~./fonts and then run the terminal command fc-cache -fv

3a) OPTIONAL: Tweak Pressure settings:

There are multiple tweaks that can be done to Pressure, open the config.ini file and follow the instructions in here.

4) Open Steam's Settings.

Then open the Interface section. Find the option Select the skin you wish Steam to use and choose pressure-for-steam-master.

5) Completely restart Steam.

Last step. Completely shut down and restart Steam.


Enjoy your new Steam experience.

Support the creator? Never enough coffee.

As the main developer for this skin I've spent a huge portion of my free time on this theme for the past year and a half. That's alot of coffee. If you enjoy Pressure then please consider a throwback and help me fuel my coffee addiction and help fund other great future projects. If you do pledge support via Patreon please send me a message with your Steam name & URL so I can include it in the list below.

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Pressure Steam Group

Join the Pressure Steam group to keep up to date with the skin's progress, and discuss the skin with both me and other users. Announcements will be available for when updates are available.

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If you're an advanced user and want to work directly with me on the project you're welcome to fork the Git Repo, submit Pull requests or anything else. Collaboration is wonderful!

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Created by Dirt Diglett

Pressure has been a labour of love created with the frustrated tears of Dirt Diglett (Previously known as TDD). When the Steam 2010 UI Update was released I took it upon myself to immediately push the theme system to its breaking point creating the first and most popular for its time skin, "Enhanced Steam by TDD". Four years later I am doing it again with Pressure.